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Specialist Super Thin Cutting Discs

Super thin wheels cut faster than conventional wheels, leaving a cleaner cut, with minimal burr. Ideally suited for thin gauge sheet stock, thin walled tubing and small diameter cross sections. Material should always be cut at a right angle to the work piece. Larger work pieces require thicker cut-off wheels for improved lateral stability. Our wheels are fully reinforced and conform to stringent European safety standards

• High Performance for Steel 

• High Performance for Stainless

  1. Premium Performance for Stainless

  2. Premium Performance for Aluminium

• Cut-Off Wheel Test Packs available

Super Thin Cutting Disc for Stainless Steel

Free of iron, sulphur and chlorinated fillers, these wheels are suitable for cut-off use on stainless steel. Our cut-off wheels are engineered to provide excellent service life, and smooth, aggressive cutting action with a consistently level unmatched in the industry. Manufactured with heavy duty fibreglass reinforcement for superior strength and lateral stability.

• High Performance Cut-Off Wheel for Stainless

• Superior Performance Cut-Off Wheel for Stainless

Economy Super Thin Cutting Discs

Superior economy? How can that be? We can lower your price per disc spend by reducing the quality of of product, that is easy. I am sure you have all used discs that pretty much turn to dust as soon as you start using them. Our economy discs are different; they give a good performance for their price. These discs are great for lighter users

• Good Performance Cut-Off Wheel for Steel

• Good Performance Cut-Off Wheel for Stainless

Our theme with cutting discs, as with all of our products, is all about reducing customer costs & this page introduces you to PFERD, quite possibly the best metal cutting disc you will ever use.

  1. Bullet    Speed up production =    Saves time =     Saves money

  2. Bullet    Cleaner cut =   Less reworking =     Saves time =     Saves Money

  3. Bullet    Long life =     More cuts =     Saves Money

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