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Aluminium Oxide

Rough grinding discs manufactured with Aluminium Oxide for grinding ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Available in a variety of styles to match your power tool, work piece material and application.

• A-PS: General Purpose for Steel, Stainless

• A-SG: Long Life for Steel

• A-SG INOX: Premium Performance - Steel, Stainless 

• A-SG ALU: For Aluminium and Non-Ferrous Metals



Zirconia grinding discs offer extended service life over wheels made with aluminium oxide, and excel on tough applications like edge grinding, bevelling and chamfering.

• ZA 24 R SGP: Premium Performance Blend

• ZA 30 S SG: Long Life for Steel

• ZA 30 T SGP: Superior Performance



Specialty grinding discs manufactured specifically for use on soft aluminium, brass, and greasy materials that cause loading problems.

• Organic Bonded

  1. Cotton Bonded


Blended Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide grains producing grinding discs that excels on grinding cast iron.


Cotton-fibre based grinding discs developed for use for medium to light grinding, weld blending, deburring and surface finishing of stainless and aluminium.

• Textile Depressed Grinding Wheel for Stainless

• Textile Depressed Grinding Wheel for Aluminium


Grinding discs for surface grinding of masonry, concrete, stone, grey cast iron, and nodular cast iron. Also suitable for use on tough and hard aluminium.

Grinding Discs for every application

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